Is Maple Syrup Actually Good For Your Health?

by Marie-Pier Lavoie

Some Healthy Benefits You May Not Have Known

We live in a world where we are hungry for sugar but also look for healthier options. Who does not love brownies, chocolates, cakes and pastries? They are available in every cafe, restaurant, corner shops and supermarkets to tempt us and we fell for it without realizing that these items have some health issues. So why not replace the refined sugar that is used in these items with something that is natural, delicious and nutritious and that is maple syrup. We can pour it on waffles, pancakes and also use it as a sweetener to our baking. It is also regarded as the best natural sweetener.


Maple syrup is gold, luscious and delicious. It is a liquid which is extracted from the xylem sap of sugar maple, red maple or black maple trees which grow in cold regions. These trees store starch in their trunks and roots before winter. The starch is then turned into sugar and is collected from the sap by drilling holes in the trunks by late winter or spring.


Although, maple sugar is claimed to be one of the best alternatives to refined sugar. But there is much more to it that we do not know and makes it a must have in your kitchen.


  1. It Helps To Boost Energy


Maple syrup contains manganese that helps in boosting energy production and synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol. To fulfill the daily requirement of manganese, a 1/4th cup of maple syrup will be sufficient.


  1. Best For Heart Health


The refined and processed varieties available in the market pose a severe threat to your heart. But that is not the case with the maple syrup as it has a decent quantity of zinc which protects artery walls from radical damage and prevent arteries from hardening. It also helps in boosting good cholesterol levels in the blood. 


  1. Maple Syrup Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels


Another reason that maple syrup is a healthier switch is it helps in blood sugar control. It has antioxidant polyphenols, which when combined with the plant hormone, abscisic acid, have proven to improve the body’s sensitivity to the blood sugar regulation hormone known as insulin.


4.Loaded With Antioxidants


With having around 56 vital antioxidants, maple syrup has turned out not only the best alternative for sugar but a healthy food too. Moreover, several studies have also claimed that maple syrup contains a good amount of antioxidants called polyphenols that have strong anticancer properties.

6. Maple Syrup Ideal For Summers


The use of maple syrup in summers is best to protect your body against dehydration. We think of dehydration as a loss of water but in reality, it also depletes your body from many other vital nutrients and sugar is considered to be one of the main cause. So the use of maple syrup is the ideal choice as it can help you hydrate by recovering the lost nutrients and thereby avoiding severe health issues. The best way of preventing dehydration in summers is to take a glass of lemon water, add maple syrup as opposed to sugar that will hydrate and revitalize your body system. It will also help replenish your body with several other essential nutrients and minerals.


In a nutshell, sugar is sugar, whether it’s granulated, refined or icing sugar. Maple syrup which is rich in manganese, antioxidants and other nutrients is a good alternative to that pack of refined white sugar that is in your cupboard.