Maple Syrup 100% Pure (8 x 540 ml)

100% Pure Maple Syrup Category A, Dark Robust Taste in our 540 ml traditional can.

Ingredients: Maple syrup

Ready to eat, maple syrup may be consumed at the opening of the container, alone or in complement with your meal. It also helps enhance the flavour of your food like ice cream, fruits, salad dressing, marinade for meats and fish. Maple syrup easily replaces the use of refined white sugar, for coffee, desserts, while used to sweeten foods, using a natural sugar and giving a true maple taste. Aimed at the general public, there is no contraindication for children.

Based on our experience and recognized industry standards, the shelf life of products packaged in plastic containers is 2 years, any other container; 3 years. Once opened, we recommend keeping the product in the refrigerator and using it for a period of 6 months. The expiry date does not guarantee that the product will retain the same light transmission. It will gradually decrease with time, heat and light.

Store between 0 and 30°C. Heat and light can decrease the light transmission.
Product must be kept refrigerated (0-4°C) after opening.

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